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We ignite your SEO scores

We are SEO catalysts, we believe in the power of a well-crafted digital presence. With years of expertise and a team of industry leaders, we’re dedicated to elevating your online profile and driving tangible results. From search engine optimization to content marketing and data analysis, our custom solutions are designed to set you apart and propel you forward. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and passion for driving success has earned us a reputation as a trusted and visionary partner for businesses seeking to soar in the digital realm. Let us show you what’s possible and ignite your online potential.

Why choose Controlled seo

Controlled Seo, has been taking care of its clients globally for a decade now. With our team of in-house professionals, we can take down any kind of online supremacy. With our unique way of handling problems, we have been able to push SERP rankings & put a smile on our Client’s Faces.

Unique methodology

We come up with bespoke strategies for our clients depending on the results they are looking for and in whatever niche they are working in.

Guaranteed results

Nothing happens overnight, so it’s just a myth to rank on top within a day. But what our professionals at Controlled Seo guarantee are positive results and better rankings within half a year. Cause we don’t work on fake promises.

Great support

We’ll never leave you alone in times of zero sales, Instead, we’ll come up with better roadmaps and result-driven strategies for YOU and your BRAND.

Meet our team

We are all individual personalities with different characteristics but what we do share is a singular passion, commitment & vision to serve our clients to the best of our abilities and to bring a real difference in our employees’ lives. We strongly believe in the strength of togetherness.

Talha Tanveer

SEO Expert

Dilawar Awan

Marketing director

Usman Khizar

Digital curator

Khadim Hussnain

Website devloper & designer

Role, Camera—Action! It’s time to kick-start your Projects.

Controlled Labs will help you Reach TOP, achieving all milestones.